BUSINESS PLANNING – Vision | Purpose | Goals

Personal growth coaching

Clarifying vision & purpose, supporting planning and goals, strengthening business sustainability through personal sustainability.

What within yourself is
limiting your business growth?

Many business owners and managers are the pillars of the business. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, you hold the vision and the energy.

Personal growth and wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) are important factors in creating a sustainable and successful business.

Is personal growth included your business planning and goal setting?

Are you feeling held back from a lack of inner clarity and vision, self-awareness and confidence, wellness, or lack of personal energy? Your personal foundation impacts your business planning and goal setting.

I’m here to support you to live life from a full cup, and find greater clarity and balance to boost the energy you have to drive business growth.

Business vision with purpose.

Business vision with purpose is about creating an impact for positive change in the world! Align heart-centred values with business solutions to meet real human and environmental needs.

What are you inspired to develop and bring forward more from your business offering? Want to achieve success and enjoy making a positive difference in the world?

People and planet need purpose-driven products, services, and solutions that meet real needs in sustainable ways. My approach creates a bridge between heart and mind allowing you to access soul-centred intelligence.

Heart-centred yet practical. I can help you clarify a vision and purpose that will inspire your customers and realise viable revenue streams. I work to support my clients to enjoy the best of both – business growth and personal fulfillment.

Working with limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

Life throws many challenging experiences our way. Our busy lives throw a high volume of stimulus at us every day, and for most, there is a need to reconcile and heal our past.

Often important feelings and information are unconscious, stuck, and unresolved. All contributing to stress, anxiety, worry, and confusion that drive limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

Working with our feelings within the body gives us the potential to shift what holds us back. This shift opens the heart, which leads the mind into an easeful and natural state of calmness and clarity.

How Does it Work

It’s essential for us to gather an overview of your start-up before we begin creating a winning strategy. This allows us to learn more about your needs and for you to make sure the Agile Package is right for you.
To gain the most out of all three workshops, we recommend booking them all in for one or two days. Once you sign up, we will work to find a time that suits your whole team, including all directors and executive management.
Enjoy fun and collaborative workshops that will empower you with deep insight, strategic clarity, and creative ideas to start building a successful business. We will work together to fill out a brand story worksheet and create a content marketing strategy. We’ll develop an actionable marketing plan for you to test which channels and content bring you the best ROI. Benefit from a team of three independent and passionate experts who collectively bring the perfect array of skills and experience to cover all three crucial areas of the launch package.
As your strategic, brand, and marketing partner we can be available per project, on a regular retainer, or an ad-hoc basis moving forward. From the insights gained we can supply a proposal for additional brand assets or marketing support moving forward.
Once you’ve completed the Agile Package Workshops, we‘ll talk you through what is working for your business and what needs tweaking. We can support your early stages of development and offer ongoing coaching and strategy as needed.